Unlocking Safety and Compliance: Baltimore County Rental Property Inspections


DS Home Inspection Services, LLC is Licensed and In Good Standing in Maryland to provide Baltimore County Rental Inspections for six of fewer dwelling units. Below is everything you need to know about Baltimore County Rental Inspections.


DS Home Inspection Services, LLC - Your Baltimore County Rental Inspection Experts

Baltimore County Rental Inspections are a fundamental aspect of ensuring the safety, habitability, and adherence to local regulations for rental properties within the county. These inspections are designed to assess various components of a rental unit, ensuring that it meets the required standards for occupancy, safety, and maintenance.

The primary objective of Baltimore County Rental Inspections is to safeguard both landlords and tenants. For landlords, these inspections help ensure that their properties comply with local codes and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring the Baltimore County Rental Property Inspection remains in good standing. For tenants, it guarantees a safe and habitable living environment, protecting their rights as renters.

  • You must register and be licensed before a tenant moves into the property. This includes short-term rentals.
  • If your property is not qualified for exemption, you must register or renew it with Baltimore County.

The Baltimore County Rental Inspection takes about 15 - 20 minutes per dwelling to conduct. Owners, landlords or property managers are required to attend the inspection to sign the inspection form at the end of the inspection.

We strongly recommend clients to review the inspection requirements below within the unit(s) to be inspected in advance to avoid failing the inspection and having potential additional costs for re-inspections.

The following is a list of the steps you must take. Review the documents below to familiarize yourself with the County’s requirements before scheduling your inspection.

We look for the following per the inspection sheet requirements:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide alarms are installed in the common area outside of sleeping areas and on every level of the dwelling unit
  • Electrical system has no apparent visual hazards
  • All plumbing is functional with no apparent visual hazards
  • All windows designed to be opened are operational
  • All combustion appliances (furnace, hot water heater, dryer, etc.) are properly vented
  • Secondary means of escape from sleeping areas exist with no exterior health or safety hazards