Why are Pool/Spa Inspections Important?

Pool/Spa inspections are most useful for those looking to buy or sell real estate with a pool and/or spa. An examination of the pool/spa will provide an up-close look at the current condition of the pool and/or spa, pointing out any areas for concern so they can be addressed before the sale is complete. DS Home Inspection Services will provide a thorough pool/spa inspection and a detailed report for you to keep for your records. A pool/spa inspection is important for all of the following reasons:


If you’re buying a property, you want to be sure you’re making a wise investment. You don’t want to blindly purchase a property and realize later there are problems. A pool/spa inspection will give you peace of mind knowing that the pool/spa is in good condition and won’t be a money pit after you complete the purchase.


As a buyer, you’re hoping to get the best deal on the property you want. If a pool inspection reveals concerns, you can use it as a negotiation tool to get a reduced price. You could also use it as a way to encourage the owners to make the necessary repairs by telling them you won’t buy unless the problems are addressed.


If you’re selling a property, you want to showcase all the good features of your home. Having a pool and/or spa on your property is enough to grab the attention of potential buyers, but you want them to know that it’s in good shape. A pool/spa inspection will provide documentation to potential buyers letting them know the pool has been looked at and approved by a professional.