Why should anyone need a home inspection for a new home? No one’s lived there yet. Shouldn’t it be in pristine condition?!

Don’t be fooled: new doesn’t equal perfect. 

During a new construction home inspection, DS Home Inspection Services help you fully understand your newly-constructed home before making the final walkthrough.

Builders and contractors have municipal building inspections done to ensure minimum building code standards have been met. These inspections do not inspect for quality, workmanship, system performance, completion of finish work, and many other aspects of construction of a new home. Ours do.

This allows you to understand anything that the builder or contractor missed, made mistakes with, or any other issues that might have been overlooked during construction. This inspection is also critical in helping you develop a comprehensive “punch list” that you can bring to the builder for completion.

You are our priority. Not the builder, not the contractor, not the city. You.

This is your home and potential your first real look at the almost completed property. You’re welcome to join us on inspection day to get a firsthand look at what we uncover, ask any questions, and get familiar with your new home. We also provide a 11 month home warranty inspection so any repairs that are covered by your builder’s one year home warranty can be addressed. Save more when you add this inspection to your new construction package.

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