HUD Compliance Certification Inspection

hud compliance

Manufactured Home Foundation Inspections

All foundation systems, new and existing, must meet the guidelines published in the Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing (HUD-7584), dated September 1996.  A certification attesting to compliance with this handbook must be obtained from a licensed professional engineer.

It means that the foundation must meet the criteria as set forth in HUD manual Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, September 1996. This manual requires a site specific design for every manufactured home. Dead loads, snow loads, wind loads and seismic loads must all be taken into account. There must be a perimeter, frost line protected strip foundation as well as frost line protected piers under the chassis.

DS Home Inspection Services provides specialized structural engineering services catering to the requirements of FHA and VA loans. It is now mandatory to obtain these certifications when buying or transferring ownership of a manufactured home or property.