Pre-Listing Inspection

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A pre-listing inspection is a proactive step taken by homeowners before putting their property on the market. Conducted by a certified inspector, this evaluation identifies potential issues that may arise during the selling process. Sellers gain insights into their property's condition, allowing them to address concerns in advance. This preemptive approach can enhance a home's marketability, instill buyer confidence, and streamline negotiations. Ultimately, a pre-listing inspection can contribute to a smoother and more efficient real estate transaction.

Starting at $475

  • Full Home Inspection
  • Termite/Wood Destroying Organism Inspection (Learn more)
  • Transferrable Warranties (Learn more)
    • 120 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty
    • 90 Day Water and Sewer Line Warranty
    • 90 Day Mold Safe Warranty
    • 5 Year Roof Leak Protection
  • Repair Estimate Report with Pay for Repairs at Closing Option (Learn more)