Home Energy Report

DS Home Inspection Services has always been committed to giving home buyers critical insights into their biggest investment. Including Energy Raven with our inspections delivers on that promise.

Energy Raven is a new AI-powered energy analysis offered exclusively through top-ranked home inspection companies. We are proud to announce that we are now part of the Energy Raven network!


Energy Raven uses information from a home inspection along with unique public and private data sources and Department of Energy analytics to create a road map for homeowners to:

  • Upgrade outdated systems
  • Evaluate solar and EV potential
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Improve comfort and indoor air quality
  • Positively impact the environment
  • Take advantage of the free money available to accomplish all of the above!


  • The Inflation Reduction Act has allocated $9 Billion to homeowners for energy efficiency projects - but they are time sensitive and will run out quickly!
  • Energy prices have risen 13% in 2022 alone and are predicted to increase even more in coming years
  • More and more states and cities are promoting electrification - homeowners and buyers are increasingly interested in learning about solar and EV as a result


Following your home inspection you will receive a link from Energy Raven to your home-specific dashboard results. Inside you’ll see

  • Estimated costs to run the home
  • Breakdowns by system and appliance
  • An analysis of which items would benefit from an upgrade
  • Evaluations of the potential for solar energy and EV charging
  • Federal, state, local, and utility tax credits and rebates that apply to your home
  • Help getting projects done!

Your Raven dashboard and their support services are available to you for as long as you own your home!