Re-Inspection Services

Home Re-Inspection after Repairs by Fort Washington Certified Home Inspector

The re-inspection is a follow-up inspection to ensure all agreed upon repairs were done properly.

After your initial home inspection, you’ll likely have a “punch list” that needs to be addressed before closing. This is true for both newly constructed homes or renovations. 

The seller/contractor will then receive your punch list. Both parties understand that all the remaining fixes/duties for the home must be completed before you agree to move in.

But how do you know the issues were really fixed?

Before you move in, make sure the whole project is complete!

With a re-inspection, we will go back to the property for a second round of inspection. We will make sure that the home has been updated and all systems are functioning as requested in the punch list.

Re-Inspections can:

  • Provide you will peace of mind that all terms have been met
  • Prevent you from having to pay for incomplete work
  • Ensure that the newly constructed home or renovated home is in excellent condition
  • Protect you from being misled by sellers, contractors, or realtors
Repair Verification

Municipal building inspectors will make sure that minimum building code standards have been met. But, they will not investigate whether the home meets specific terms between buyer and seller. 

Unlocking Confidence in Your Investment: Home Re-Inspection Services in Maryland

With our specialized Home Re-Inspection after Repairs service, you can bid farewell to uncertainties. Our inspectors delve deep into the intricacies of the completed repairs, providing you with the confidence and certainty you need before finalizing your property transaction. Trust DS Home Inspection Services, LLC, for a thorough and reliable assessment that guarantees the repairs meet your expectations and standards. So, whether you're closing in on your forever home or a dazzling renovation, choose DS Home Inspection Services, LLC, for your Home Re-Inspection in Maryland.

Your home is more than just walls and a roof; it's a symphony of comfort, security, and personal expression. Our Re-Inspection Service orchestrates the crescendo of perfection, ensuring your property sings with flawless harmony. From the newly installed systems to the meticulously renovated spaces, every aspect of your home deserves applause. DS Home Inspection Services, LLC meticulously conducts the re-inspection, affirming that every detail resonates with excellence. When you step into your abode, it won't just meet your expectations—it'll surpass them, creating an ambiance of confidence and contentment.

Professional home inspectors bring no bias to the project/sale. Our job is to discover issues before they become BIG problems. 

A reinspection is your last chance to make sure that the contractor, realtor, and seller have done their jobs and met the agreed-upon terms of the closing.

Protect yourself and your investment with a reinspection before you sign on the dotted line.