Contractor Oversight Home Inspection

Enhance Your Property's Integrity: Fort Washington Home Inspector for New Constructions

Trust DS Home Inspection Services to verify contractor performance for all your major home improvement projects before you make that final payment. If you’re making a big investment in your existing home, whether it’s major maintenance, damage repairs or improvements, make sure that the work is up to professional standards before you make that final payment to the contractor. DS Home Inspection Services can perform system or project specific inspections to ensure that the work has been done in a professional manner and that installations conform to current building and manufacturer standards.

For large projects, such as additions and major remodels, we can perform multiple inspections in phases, similar to what we do for new construction. This way you can identify deficiencies early in the process before they get covered up while it is still feasible to correct them.

If you’re in the planning stages and getting ready to request proposals from contractors, give us a call. We can help identify the areas where contractors tend to take shortcuts in bidding and building your type of project (we’ve seen most everything you can imagine). You can pre-empt some of these right up-front in your request for a proposal. If you hire us, we can even help you finance the project.

Use our Contractor Oversight Inspection For:

  • Whole house remodels
  • Additions
  • Roof replacement
  • HVAC system replacements
  • Kitchen and bath upgrades
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Post-fire reconstruction
  • Water damage repairs
  • Deck structures
  • Any major contractor work

Hire us and we can even help you finance your project.