Standard Property Maintenance Rental Inspection

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  1. STAIR RAILINGS: Railings are present and secure for interior & exterior steps with more than 3 risers.
  2. UTILITIES: Gas and electric service are both metered and active.
  3. ELECTRICAL: Electrical wiring is not visible in living areas. All electrical outlets and switches are protected by cover plates. All lighting fixtures are functional. Three-prong outlets are properly grounded. Electrical outlets within 6 feet of wet areas (kitchens, bathroom, garages, etc.) are GFCI protected unless the property was built before 1971 and has not undergone recent renovations in those specific areas.
  4. SMOKE DETECTORS: Smoke Detectors are properly installed and in proper working order. All properties require at least one detector per floor but there may be specific requirements for additional detectors based on the age and layout of the property. All detectors must be less than 10 years old. If battery-only, they should have sealed 10-year batteries and a hush-feature. If the house has been wired for hardwired detectors, battery-only detectors cannot be installed in their place.
  5. CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS: Carbon Monoxide Alarms are properly installed and functional on each floor. Properties without any fuel-burning appliances or an attached garage are exempt.
  6. PLUMBING: There is both hot and cold running water with the hot water having a minimum temperature of 110°F. Plumbing fixtures don’t leak and all toilets properly flush. The property is free of interior leaks from water supply and waste lines.
  7. WINDOWS: Windows, which are designed to do so, should open and close and have a working locking mechanism.
  8. DOORS: All entry doors to individual units close and have a working locking mechanism.
  9. EXTERIOR: Exterior walls are free of openings that will allow the entry, into the home, of weather elements such as rain, snow, etc. Exterior gutter and downspout system is installed and designed to channel water away from the property.
  10. HEATING: The property has an operable heat supply system.

Standard Property Maintenance Rental Inspection Checklist (see form)

You will be provided a copy of the of the checklist upon completion of the inspection.