A Beginner’s Guide To Home Inspections

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After picking out the home of your dreams, the next step is to see if it is indeed a dream house or the ultimate nightmare. A thorough inspection of your prospective home will help you know for sure. Home inspectors can reveal problems you may not have noticed at first glance. These can be pointed out to the seller, so they are fixed before you move in. You may also find issues that can make you reconsider the property.

As a home inspection specialist at DS Home Inspection Services, LLC, and I want to arm you with the right knowledge to prepare you for your home inspection. For this, I have created a Beginner’s Guide to home inspections. Through this guide, I will show you how to obtain a high-quality home inspection.

Getting Started

Do your research: The sooner you get your home inspection completed, the more time you have to decide what you want to negotiate with the seller. When hiring a home inspector, it is important to do your research. View the home inspector’s website to see services offered and read up on their reviews. Don’t get caught up in the prices because cheaper doesn’t always equal quality.

Speak to your home inspector: Speak with the home inspector to figure out their availability and turnaround for the report. Try your best to attend the walk-through with the inspector at the end of the inspection. Ask as many questions as you have because there are no dumb questions. Also, you are paying the inspector to help you sort out your concerns, so ask away!

Next Steps

Learn about the defects in the house: A home inspection is a visual snapshot in time of the condition of the home. Learn about the defects in a house before fully committing to buying. A home inspector will keep you informed about the state of the house and how much you might have to fix up. Sometimes, you might end up wanting to cancel the deal because of the defects found. However, try to remember that all homes have defects, even newly constructed properties. The report brings attention to the defects so that you can negotiate with the seller.

Read your inspection report: Don’t solely rely on your agents. When you get your inspection report, be sure to go over it thoroughly with your agent. Discuss things that may be negotiable with the seller and things you are going to need to take care of yourself. In the report, there may also be information critical to you that needs to be considered and discussed with your agent and any other party involved in the home buying process. Ask your inspector any questions you have about what’s in the report.

Advice From The Pros

Keep an open mind: Be sure you are comfortable with your choice of home inspector. They are essential and can help you detect and avoid major pitfalls in the home buying process. See if they are easy to communicate with and understand, especially when explaining the issues with the house. Lastly, do not stress too much. Trust the professional and know that everything in a home can be fixed.

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